Russia moves up 5 places in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ratings - ahead of dozen EU countries

This week Russia moved up to 35th place in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business  ratings, outranking Belgium, Slovakia, Israel, Cyrpus  and Slovenia.   190 economies were compared on the basis of the ease of a number of aspects of doing business including registering a company, opening a bank account, obtaining permission to carry out various activities as well as other items. Experts say that Russia’s rise and current high position in the rating is a result of the implementation of the Decree «100 Steps» signed by President Vladimir Putin in 2012.

The programme implemented by the Decree aims to raise Russia to 20th position in the ratings by 2018. Back in 2012 when the programme was launched, Russia was 120th in the ratings. Media commentary suggests that although Russia has steadily risen in the overall 'Doing Business' rankings in this period, not all results of the reforms introduced by the Programme are yet evident. Russia is expected to make a further significant leap up the rankings next year.   
In this year’s survey New Zealand retained the top spot for the second year running, followed by Singapore, Denmark, South Korea and Hong Kong.
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