Shipping & ports

Moore Stephens can proudly claim to be the world's leading firm of auditors and consultants to the maritime sector. This association dates back more than sixty years to the late 1930's when Moore Stephens, London acted for prominent members of the Greek shipping community. Since then, our experience has grown with the expansion of our international network. Now we act for companies representing the full range of maritime activity from ship owners, shipping agencies and ship managers to P&I clubs, fishing companies, ports and freight forwarders. These clients are located around the globe and include many of the leading maritime companies in the CIS.

As a result of our extensive experience, we are in a unique position to provide a comprehensive range of services to the industry. Among these services are:


Whether an audit is conducted in accordance with international or local standards, a thorough knowledge of the client's business and the countries in which it operates is essential for an effective audit. Observing this key principle, Moore Stephens has created a series of specially devised tests based on our knowledge of the industry to ensure that audits are carried out with maximum efficiency and relevance. Our knowledge of the international environment, in which the maritime industry operates, is also of particular importance in ensuring a value for money audit when international group structures are involved.

Accounting assistance

Our clients, from small to large, all need help with their accounting from time to time. Our staff is as familiar with international accounting procedures as with locals. They are also familiar with the meaning and accountancy implications of shipping terminology. This means that Moore Stephens is in a unique position to provide CIS shipping groups with effective assistance in the preparation of international standard financial statements. 

Taxation advice

Tax planning in countries of the CIS is not a simple matter at the best of times. When international group structures are added to the equation, matters become even more complex. Over the years of working in the CIS, we have developed particular expertise in dealing with the types of problems that arise from these situations. Moore Stephens ‘specialists in the CIS have a thorough grounding in local taxation matters. We combine this with the international taxation expertise of our member firms found in every major shipping centre. As a result, we provide advice which takes into account both international and local perspectives.

Litigation and arbitration support

The number of disputes and disagreements in the courts or in arbitration continue to rise, as do the sums at stake. Moore Stephens combines accounting and maritime knowledge to assist clients and their legal advisors in support of their cases.

Management consultancy

A growing number of the CIS companies operating in the maritime sector are recognising that significant benefits can flow from skilled independent examination of key business areas or activities. Moore Stephens is increasingly being called upon to suggest measures for performance improvement and business development planning.

Information and accounting system

A thorough knowledge of a client's industry and accounting requirements is essential in designing an effective information system. Moore Stephens combines an in-depth knowledge of local and international accounting regulations with a thorough grounding in the maritime sector. As a result, we can assist in devising systems tailored to the particular needs of our clients.