Retail & wholesale

Consumer confidence fell to an all time low across Russia in the first half of 2009. Since then the rebound has been dramatic and there are now a multitude of opportunities for savvy retail operators to pursue. Given that the region has a population in excess of two hundred and fifty million and was, just twenty years ago, one of the least developed consumer markets in the world, this is hardly surprising. However, navigating your way to the potential rewards will entail avoiding a multitude of potential pitfalls. This in turn requires sound financial information and advice. Moore Stephens can help you to ensure you have just that.

In the twenty plus years we have been operating in the former Soviet Union, we have developed the skills you require to keep on top of your financial assurance and advisory needs. These skills have been honed advising other businesses in your sector which means we know not only the economic environment and the applicable regulations but also specifics of the retail industry. So, whether you run a chain of coffee houses or sell women’s underwear, own an automobile distributor or are a leading importer of white goods, we have probably worked with somebody in the same sector as you.

Мы поможем повысить финансовою эффективность работы компании.