Tax and legal

From basic compliance through to high-level structuring, our tax experts can help your business save money. Our aim is simple: to help you avoid the pitfalls and derive maximum benefit from the advantages that are available. We advise on how best to structure a businesses and individual transactions in order to achieve maximum tax efficiency.

The cost of making mistakes, especially when these result in breaches of national legislation, can be high. Timely advice from Moore Stephens can help you avoid those mistakes whilst annual compliance reviews can help you spot any errors you may have missed.

Looking to broader horizons, the truly global nature of the world economy means it is virtually impossible to operate any sizeable business without at least some cross-border transactions. Dealing with foreign tax legislation brings with it a wealth of opportunities and pitfalls in structuring your supply lines and operating structure around the globe. International tax solutions go far deeper will address direct tax, foreign custom duties, VAT, transfer pricing and any other issues requiring attention.

Our global network of correspondent and associate firms will give you access to all the international tax and commercial information you need to enable you to grow your international business successfully and our international tax experts will give you the advice you need to ensure that information is turned into tax-efficient solutions that improve your bottom line.

Whatever the requirement of your business, if you would like to ensure that you are getting the most from the opportunities available to you, then contact a Moore Stephens tax expert.


The price of errors made, especially leading to the violation of domestic law, can be very high.